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The Basics On Quick Systems In Medical Marijuana Doctors

If you frequently come across Marijuana seeds, each evening do this. Make sure your cannabis vapourizer is wet and moist, in case you are utilizing it, so when it’s loaded onto weed vaporizer, the evolving misty vapor is high in quality. Feed your soil and Marijuana will take from the soil, diminishing the chance that you “burn” or kill your plants with fertilizer. Less than an hour for the WARRIORS GAME, WOOOOOO LETS GO WARRIORS!!!!! You can download the phone application HERE. A State Program Fee: $66 non medical / $33 medical, plus additional county fees varies by location A Department of Public Health: MS 5203 – P.O. Many individuals are preparing to hit the medicinal dispensaries, at a cost, for therapeutic relief through Medical Marijuana. Cheers! Can’t we learn from nature? Once a doctor enters the network you will be contacted in the order of which your request was submitted. The Smoke Will Be Bubbled Through The Water From The Burning Tobacco Which Helps To Cool And Filter It. Many people who would like to use cannabis but are worried about its illegality seek cannabis substitutes, or ‘legal weed’. Growers need to get rid of the humongous bud mentality, and just think about the best growth environment for their plants. All letters on the marijuana recommendation should be accompanied by a valid photo ID. Soon after the herbs are warmed sufficiently, they are to be loaded onto the loading chamber or on the hand piece. A State Program Fee: $66 non medical / $33 medical, plus additional county fees varies by location A Department of Public Health: MS 5203 – P.O. Or find a mobile clinic. Many growers alternate sides of the garden, with the non-user side for these organic by-products. With the extensive selling of such herb, home-made herbs have come up in the market today. The Smokewire on-line headship offers on the best products created with only quality materials. cannabis dispensaries Due to the use of water the smoking experience with any of the water bongs will be one that you have never had the benefit of enjoying. The prices for bongs from an on-line headship will often vary but with the choices that can be found at the Smokewire on-line headship why would you want to shop anywhere else’s. Egg shells, coffee grinds, and herbivore manure are excellent amendments to toss in. JWH-018 was developed by Professor Huffman in 1995. One year I buried an animal in the compost area and the next batch of plants from that area was overwhelming! In using dope, you would need to smoke the weed but in the case of this herb, you only have to inhale it to feel the effect. Smooth growing cannabis indoors You risk nothing. You do not need to puff on the weed. Get a Dec from Your Own Doctor with Our Free MyDoc Program!

A Simple A-z On Real-world Programs Of Medical Marijuana For Depression

It is essential to identify the symptoms of minor dehydration immediately, to prevent it from becoming life-threatening. Hunger is the body’s basic need for food and nutrients, whereas appetite is the desire to eat more. Niacin is not a drug, but a useful vitamin. They usually subside in around two weeks time, or thereabouts. A low water level in the body means that toxins are not being flushed out as efficiently as they should be and the accumulation of toxins in the blood is the main cause behind most infections and ailments mentioned above. Also, there are families who long for a child and will be more than happy to welcome your child in their home. Given the uncertainty of Morgellons diagnosis, the doctor would most likely go for evidence-based treatment methods. A recent study on medical cannabis reveals the potential benefits in lowering the intra ocular pressures without any adverse effects. Suppose one has a major breakup and goes through depression due to this sudden development in their lives. It increases the muscle energy and the body starts gaining weight at an unhealthy rate. When You Take Small Doses, The Symptoms Last For Very Few Seconds And Causes Pale Pinkness On The Face. He described the experience as going into a dreamlike state with the eyes shut. Disclaimer: This guzzle article is for informative purposes only and does not, in any way, intend to replace the advice of a medical expert. It can be depression or any other mental trauma that could cause mood swing in the younger age group. You may occasionally suffer from tremors, that are usually mild and not a cause for concern. The study clearly revealed the psychoactive properties of the substance. saris are one of the most effective medications to treat anxiety and depression. Some of the symptoms that may point towards this abnormality in the brain include the following: Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder add Addictions like alcohol or drug addiction, etc. It is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a medical expert. For instance, there is no harm for a Morgellons patient to consider that his/her signs or symptoms may have a mental problem as the underlying cause.Although the symptoms can be quite bothersome, one does not have to necessarily visit a doctor to ease the discomfort. Though it can be irritating, medical marijuana license one can take proper measures to avoid this discomfort and enjoy the health benefits. These techniques have been found to be quite effective in lowering the incidence of such dreams. It is actually a healthy sign and is not harmful in any manner. Drug abuse can even cause sudden death due to overdose, or a slow painful death due to side-effects. It was observed that the loss of nerve cells in those rats were equivalent to those observed in rats twice their age. The human brain is the most elusive organ of the body. When you take small doses, the symptoms last for very few seconds and causes pale pinkness on the face. In this method, electrodes are used to apply electric current on the scalp of the patient which in turn causes controlled convulsions and triggers massive neurochemical release in the brain.

A Useful Breakdown Of Rapid Secrets In Benefits Of Marijuana

For example, Viagra is available with the branded drugs and will be nown in different names. For example, New Mexico, a medical marijuana state since May 2008, reportedly has over two hundred operating state licensed medical marijuana dispensaries. You may be have heard of Thai sticks or Afghani Black from monies or friends and know they’re varieties of cannabis, but how about White Widow, Dutch Passion Feminised or Lemon Haze? Since then, numerous medical studies have supported and expanded upon his findings, and marijuana today prescribed in certain US states and European nations for a wide variety of conditions. With so many new strains appearing, the breeders or growers need to give them names to differentiate them. They are legitimate businesses that engage in marketing practices that include print advertising; Internet marketing; the use of coupons; free samples; and discounts for those who have served in the armed forces. Limited Liability Company LLB is a business structure that provides many advantages to its members such as: Tax advantages. Imagine living in the hot southern states. Dispensary medical marijuana sales are estimated to be more than a $1 billion dollar business. A lot of marijuana growers will by itself accept a bound bulk of space. In Cattle, Heat Stress Can Be Noticed Through Symptoms Like Open Mouth And Heavy Panting. This leads to more and more urinary cleansers being marketed and used. THC drug test kits are available in many types including hair drug tests, urine drug tests, saliva drug tests and spray drug tests. There are numerous determining factors for how long drug toxins stay in a persons body which vary from person to person, such as the analytical method used, your health, your body weight, metabolism, fluid intake, the type of drug toxin, and the degree of exposure to the drug toxin. Meanwhile, SDI only provides short-term benefits to workers to compensate for their loss of wages. 3. This question is asked by many people, and for good reason. Dispensaries are intended to provide for the safe sale and access of marijuana to patients who have received a medical recommendation for its use. Female marijuana seeds are changeable plants which saves this altercation of anecdotic and amid the macho plants in a crop before they can produce the females, and it as well agency that out of a backpack of ten seeds it is accessible to outcome ten plants that can be harvested for marijuana rather than on average 5 plants. Islam has generally condemned the use of marijuana; the religion regards the use of any intoxicants as hara am, or forbidden. THC Drug Testing for THC marijuana is beneficial for the companies and parents alike.his question is asked by many people, and for good reason. . Its warning signs include dependence, uncontrollable urge to use the drug, and mental fixation on the drug despite all the consequences associated with it. So if merely a century ago Marijuana was a widely used and medically acknowledged drug how did it manage to reach the criminalised status that it now holds? Marijuana plants are either macho or changeable – the macho produces flowers that beet the changeable plant, which develops buds and seeds. Even politicians such as Elena Basescu have made the news with cannabis scandals, where the debate around making marijuana legal continues. While LLB has some benefits, this business structure also has its disadvantages: All earnings will be subjected to self-employment taxes. Some states require LLB to pay annual operation fee, income taxes, and/or franchise taxes. Some states limit the time a company can be an LLB. Because LLB is a relatively new business structure introduced in 1996, owners are still having a hard time to resolve legal disputes. Banks, insurance companies, and some types of businesses are not allowed to become LLB. She then went on to discuss her experiences of US university campuses, where she claims the use of soft drugs is essentially legal. Some historians believe that oil derived from marijuana seeds was a central ingredient in Jewish and Christian holy anointing oils. Some have names from Hinduism such as Mandala, Sagarmartha and Nirvana, others more generalized names such as Spice of Life, Mr Nice and the homey, Williams’s Wonder. 

Necessary Details In Weed Names Broken Down

A mellow strain from Colorado, Lucky Charms could help you find the end of whatever rainbow you’re chasing. Lowryder flowers automatically passing directly from the seedling to the flower. We’re assuming that your Regular Mother saliva becomes Old Mother saliva once she’s over a certain age? It is crossed with Skunk n.1 to get a bigger yield, a softer taste and a shorter flowering period. The term you got dibs’d comes from this 420 flick. If you have questions about the nature of marijuana addiction treatment or the facilities here at The Canyon, contact us today. Average yields. Specifications: ~ Flower: 6-7 weeks. It is important to note that not all methods of weeding are suitable for all weeds. These seeds were made by Soma for the film “The Green Goddess” which is to be released soon.It Induces A Typically Relaxed Feeling And Gives One An Overall Sense Of Peace And Tranquility.India.s. By the way, be aware of the alternate common plant name of “broad leaf” plantain as a reminder that there are different kinds of plantain weeds . Blunts made of a combination of crack/cocaine and marijuana are commonly called primes, coolies, or woo-woos. Viewing Tweets won’t unblock @MarijuanaName. “bush refers to a subset of strains of indict cannabis. David Beaulieu Wild violets are probably the best of the bunch in terms of appearance amongst the common lawn weeds featured here. However, they have a taproom, and any portion of the root system left in the ground will regenerate, so be prepared to dig deep and thoroughly. Perfect with a glass of tawny port after dinner, or perhaps infused in some dipping’ sauce for wings… Uh, we’ll be back after a snack break.case Palmyra created hope for a future in a time of great strife in my life. Last edited by THE BROTHER’S GRUNT; 03-14-2006 at 01:21 PM. The finished product has a very fruity aroma and taste of blueberry. Amsterdam Gold is an India variety developed in how to plant cannabis seedsCalifornia in the seventies and has been grown outdoors in Holland since 1980. Specifications: – Flower 50-55 days – Indoor/Greenhouse We have blended the strength and vigour of Blueberry with the growth characteristics of Williams Wonder, a plant considered one of the best in the 80’s. More » Photo of red clover leaf. Also does very well under artificial light. Any that are even weirder? It is an early flowering saliva/India hybrid. saliva cross, mild taste and saliva high. 

Selecting Root Factors In Medical Marijuana Benefits

Over the past couple of years we’ve seen a major push by pharmaceutical companies in developing drugs based on cannabinoids( mostly THC and CBD ) found in the cannabis plant, so legalization on a state-by-state basis, or even better a federal approval, could clear a path for these developing drugs to be pharmaceutical superstars. To mitigate potential reviewer bias, the author initiated a complete Ovid-Medline search of marijuana/cannabis research in February 2009 for the years 1998-2008. tranquillizers and depressants relax the body and release tension, but the state of mind associated with these drugs is unconsciousness whereby we escape rather than resolve our dilemmas. One entry with one data ID or MCI cannot be applied for cannabis. Medical marijuana users claim the drug helps relieve pain and suppress nausea — the two main reasons it’s often used to relieve the side effects of chemotherapy. Even in those diseases, a minority of patients Modern OG Kush seeds actually derive a benefit that is without unwanted side effects. And feelings of health and happiness naturally lead to hope, which of itself can be curative. p. 49           Marijuana can act as the loosening agent, so that whatever has been banned from consciousness may come cascading forth. Pharmaceutical companies don’t want you growing your own medicine.” There is some evidence that marijuana can help heal the brain after a concussion or other traumatic injury.With Each Fulfillment Of A Goal /need / Want, Another Void Erupts.Inhalation of marijuana smoke relaxes the muscles within the body. With your medical cannabis card, you have the authority to go to whatever collective you want and pretty much select what medicine you want. Memory Impairment—As anyone who’s ever talked to someone who is high knows, memory impairment is common. The federal government, meanwhile, wants to get rid of all medical use of marijuana, which of course begs the question: Why? The only study  that showed any effect from smoking pot came from the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Medicine in 2008, which showed that heavy smoking “during the first trimester was associated with lower verbal reasoning,” while “heavy use during the second trimester predicted deficits in the composite, short-term memory, and quantitative scores.” The simultaneous opposing action of marijuana is akin to balancing our entire system. This is compatible with the notion that in hotter climates, less calming is desirable from a recreational substance, since hot climates in themselves cause lethargy. Other common ailments being treated with cannabis include: Degenerative neurological disorders such as dystopia He recounts how two dystopia patients with severe myofascial spasms were able to return to normal life after taking two milligrams of whole-plant CBD three times a day for a little more than one week.Over the years, alternative medicine has become a popular approach to relieving everything from back pain to depression. The vast majority of studies show that there is no such thing as “medical marijuana.” Just like marijuana can treat seizures and multiple sclerosis, marijuana’s effects slow down the tic in those suffering from Tourette’s, and the obsessive neurological symptoms in people with CBD. Marijuana use can be used to treat and prevent the eye disease glaucoma, which increases pressure in the eyeball, damaging the optic nerve and causing loss of vision. A well documented USC study done about a year ago showed that marijuana is not only a perfect alternative for Ritalin but treats the disorder without any of the negative side effects of the pharmaceutical. Anxiety and Paranoia—In high doses or in sensitive individuals, marijuana can cause anxiety and paranoia. It also contains less than 0.3 percent THC, which means it cannot produce a high or get you stoned. It lessens side-effects from treating hepatitis C. Despite the many claims of cannabis performing miracles, he’s reluctant to think of it as a cure for anything. 

Straightforward Answers On Level-headed Recreational Marijuana Plans

Research shows that youth are less likely to use drugs when their parents are involved in their lives, and when they know how drugs can affect them. According to the Journal, the Democratic-backed bill cleared the state legislature without a single Republican votes in either the house or senate. History of marijuana in America 40 photos Marijuana cigarettes are hidden in a book circa 1940. Higher THC levels may explain the rise in emergency room visits involving marijuana use. The Facts About Legal Marijuana in Washington Harry Anslinger was named commissioner of the Federal Office of Narcotics when it was established in 1930. History of marijuana in America 40 photos A man smokes a joint during the official opening night of Club 64, a marijuana social club in Denver, on New Year’s Eve 2012. FattFang Black Jack and coffee for a good morning. Seattle City Hall, 601 Fifth Ave.History Of Marijuana In AmericaOthers states not shown on the map below have passed laws allowing residents to possess cannabis oil if they suffer from certain medical illnesses. Support was lowest among Republicans 41 percent and those over the age of 65 47 percent. History of marijuana in America 40 photos People light up near the Space Needle in Seattle after the law legalizing the recreational use of marijuana went into effect in Washington on December 6, 2012. So far 20 states and the District of Columbia have made smoking marijuana for medical purposes legal. Stay groovy peeps! add maxi epics back from Fotomat. The Department of Health released the following radio ad featuring Dr. J. This landmark vote made Colorado—along with Washington—the first state in the United States of America to legalize cannabis for personal use and legal sale in a state-monitored regulated industry.meshed with JanetPlanet last Wednesday. History of marijuana in America 40 photos President Jimmy Carter, with his special assistant for health issues, Dr. The initiative intended to keep Mexican marijuana from entering the United States. While Federal Authorities have stated they will allow Colorado to function without their interference, federal laws still apply, and you should always abide by them. Here are a few of the weed tourism companies currently available: In addition to the annual Hempfest festival each August, the Hempfest organization sponsors other special cannabis-themed events. History of marijuana in America walks through growing warehouse in Fort Collins, Colorado, on April 19, 2010. Jones, right, adjusts the electrodes monitoring a volunteer’s brain response to sound during an experiment in 1969 that used a controlled dosage of marijuana. This effect may increase the chance of heart attack. 

Why Marijuana is Marijuana. Or Short Story About THC (tetrahydrocannabinol)

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is one of basic cannabinoids. Inflorescences and leaves of marijuana contain THC, partly as isomer THC, partly in form of butyl and propyl analogs and tetrahydrocannabinol acid. It reaches maximal concentration in blooming period, after pollen dumping (fimbles) or fertilization (female plants) THC gradually turns to cannabinol. Marijuana contains from 0,5 to 15% THC, hashish contains from 2 to 10%.THC is the first (and the only for the present) cannabinoid, that is allowed for medical use. Medicines with synthetic THC (dronabinol and its analogs) are used in USA, Canada and West Europe for reduction of side effects after chemotherapy and for fight against syndrome of weight loss (AIDS). Recent research indicates that this medicine may be effective against glaucoma, Tourette syndrome, phantom-limb pains and some other diseases that can’t be cured by other medicines. However, research for medical property of THC is bounded by its strong psychotropic effect. THC is the main psychedelic agent in marijuana’s preparations. Per se it can provoke a number of offensive side effects (dizziness, oneiric hallucinations, causeless anxiety and fear). In natural medicines negative effects of THC are blocked by other cannabinoids, so its taking often is pleasant for patients and causes euphoria. In terms of modern medicine, it’s very undesirable, because it can cause abuse of preparation.Basic psychoactive substance was was isolated by Raphael Mechoulam and Yechiel Gaoni from the Weizmann Institute in Rehovot, Israel in 1964. By low temperatures THC is solid and yellowish-transparent, when heating it becomes oily, viscid and sticky. Boiling point in vacuum (0,7 mbar) is 155-157°C. THC is fixed in water, very soluble in most of organic solvents (methanol, ethanol, etc).The greatest occurrence of THC is contained in inflorescences, less in leaves, isn’t contained in trunk, branches, seed and roots. Some breeds can contain more than 20% THC.THC and its synthetic analog (dronabinol) are used in medicines (Marinol, Sativex). Recent research indicates efficiency of using THC (synthetic analogs are less effective) for curing Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s syndrome, bronchial asthma, glaucoma, diseases of nervous system, oncological diseases, for pain relief, as antiemetic agent and for stimulation of appetite for undergoing chemotherapy.Using THC in medicine is limited due to its psychoactive property, because it may provoke negative effects (conditional on individual features of psyche): anxiety, fear, panic, paranoia, manifestations of schizophrenia. Psychoactive effect is based on similarity of chemical properties of THC and endogenous cannabinoids (substances produced by human brain). THC works right on cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2. THC isn’t toxic for human organism and don’t cause chemical dependence, but it may cause psychological dependence as a consequence of misuse. P.S. As you see marijuana is less dangerous than alcohol or nicotine. But alcohol and nicotine you can buy in any shop and it’l legal. Why so unfair? It’s question of big money and politics

What is hydroponics?

Hydroponics is a method of cultivating plants by growing them without soil, when plants get from the solution all necessary nutrients in the right quantities and correct proportions (which is hardly possible by soil growing).AdvantagesHydroponics has got more advantages than traditional (soil) growing has: - As plant get all necessary nutrients in the right quantities, they grow strong and much faster than they do in the soil.- At that there is a great increase in fruit plant crop-producing power and decorative plant blossoming.- Plant roots never suffer from drying up or oxygen shortage by overwetting, which is inevitable by soil growing.- As water discharge is easier to control, there is no need to water plants every day.- Depending on the chosen container and system of growing water is added much rarer – from once in three days to once a month.- There is no problem of fertilizer shortage or overdosage.- It also removes a lot of problems of soil vermin and diseases, which makes pesticides unnecessary.- The process of perennial plant transplantation becomes far easier – there is no need to take off old soil from the roots, which inevitably injures them.  You just remove the plant in a bigger container and add substrate.- There is no need to buy new soil for transplantation, which greatly reduces the cost of indoor plants growing.- As plants get only necessary elements they do not accumulate harmful substances which are usually found in the soil: heavy metals, toxic organic compounds, radionuclide, nitrate surplus and other. Hydroponics is simpleHaving learnt some basic notions you will be able to grow almost any plant and do it with lesser effort than by soil growing. And if you use automated system of solution circulation (some of them can be easily assembled at home) no effort at all will be spent on watering and extra nutrition.Hydroponics is inexpensiveIt takes two minutes to make the simplest hydroponic container from ordinary plastic pot and any suitable large vessel (this vessel should hold enough liquid, should be reactionless and opaque). A good example is a litre juice paper bag for long-term storage, put sidelong and with a clearly cut (from the joint side) opening for the pot. The pot filled with the substrate should be immersed into the solution 1-2 centimetres deep.The substrate (clayite, vermiculite, pearlite, mineral cotton, coir fibre, any inert chemical fibre (polypropylene, nylon, caprone and other) foam rubber, etc.) costs the same or is much cheaper (depending on what you have at hand) than a similar volume portion of soil. But soil unlike substrate has to be annually changed by transplanting. A litre of the final solution is enough to grow a plant for a year, it means that a can of the concentrate providing 50 litres of the solution will be sufficient for 50 years or for annual keeping 50 plants.How to transplantSoak the rootball with room-temperature water for some hours (you can do it in a bucket). After that remove the soil carefully under the water, and then wash the roots carefully under the soft flow of room-temperature water. Having cleared away the remains of the soil, spread the roots downwards and, holding the plant, cover them with the substrate (the roots do not have to go directly into the liquid – the capillary of the substrate brings the solution up to the roots; afterwards they will reach the necessary depth themselves). After that pour plain water on the substrate, fill the vessel with water up to the required level and leave the plant for about a week. Only after that water can be replaced by the solution.Attention: Do not pour the solution right after the transplantation!Solution concentrationAdhere strictly to the manufacturer’s recommended solution concentration. Try to keep up the solution volume in the hydroponic vessel more or less steady by means of adding plain (preferably settled) water. Approximately once in three months change the solution fully.Solution acidity (pH)Modern hydroponic compositions are made in such a way so that pH should be about 5.6 and should not greatly diverge from this value when in use. The easiest and most reliable way to check the acidity is that with the help of the tests which are specially produced for aquariums; they are quite accurate, cheap and easy-to-use (general-purpose test strips won’t do because of their low accuracy).  Reagents measuring and changing pH are sold in the pet shop aquarium departments.

Sexing Of Marijuana

Sexing of marijuana is identified by rudiments of inflorescences, which usually appear after 4th week of vegetative growth.Female plantsFemale plants are represented by pear-shaped inflorescences with pistils in them. Female plants often don’t show their pistils before blooming, so don’t hurry and “kill” a plant straight away. Male plantsMale inflorescence is like “ball on the leg”. If you aren’t sure about plant’s sex, you’d better wait a little and make sure that pistils haven’t appeared and balls begin to form fascicles. HermaphroditesHermaphrodite is a plant with one sex which has genitals of another sex. In most cases, blooming female plant educes male flowers, but it can be vice versa. First of all, male hermaphrodites aren’t spread much because not many growers allow their male plants to reach blooming point when pistils may appear.Hermaphrodites are in disgrace. They let the pollen out and broke sin similla’s crop, pollinating all female plants in the room. Received cannabis seeds aren’t valuable, because parents-hermaphrodites often demise their properties.Suspicious male flowers appear on the last days of female plants’ blooming. They don’t let the pollen out and they aren’t signs of harmful hermaphroditism. 

Sensi Seeds

Sensi Seeds seed bank varieties are the result of the very finest marihuana genetics. For more, than 20 years, the Sensi Seeds  has been collecting, conserving and crossbreeding powerful, exotic and exciting strains of marijuana from every corner of the world. In all, the Sensi collection include the most completed selection of important marihuana strains available from any seed. Sensi Seeds has won more approbation than any other seed company. Sensi’s marijuana seeds have been awarded more 1st prizes and Cannabis Cups than those of any other marijuana seed bank.

White Widow

Legendary White Widow was born In the mid 1990’s. Originally the union came from a Brazilian and an Indian. Combination is 60/40 sativa to indica ratio.  It has won High Times Cannabis Cup in 1995 and is named for the abundance of trichomes, giving the plant a whitish tint.  Simply one of the best cannabis seeds you can get. White Widow is recomended for every one from begginers to experienced growers.Smoke Effect: stoned and high, is powerful yet energetic and very social. Its unique, refreshing taste, skunky smell and its mind-blowing.Type: 60/40 sativa to indica ratioPlant height: Medium PlantTHC level: 15-20%Flowering time: 8 weeks

Ruderalis Skunk

Ruderalis Skunk is the most potent descendent of cannabis Ruderalis. By adding the auto-flowering advantage to Ruderalis Skunk true strength and yield, Sensi Seeds have produced a strict, profitable outdoor hybrid for growers with shortly and unpredictable summers. Marijuana Ruderalis grows wild over north-eastern Europe and is able to survive the rugged and changed climate through adaptations such as it is auto-flowering potentiality. Wild Ruderalis plants bloom according to age rather than a declining photoperiod, which allows for it to make the best of the hottest, brightest part of their short growing period.Ruderalis Skunk adapts to a Skunk growing model, gaining slightly more height in flowering than an Indica, without the enormous possible stretch of a Sativa. Auto-flowering individuals will rarely surpass 2 meters at full size. Bloom creation is hardy and quick, with thickly tops clustering at all internodes and extending along trunk and branches. Resin yield is clearly taken from the Skunk side of the family, covering buds and the single-bladed leaflets which grow from them.Ruderalis Skunk is an perfect marijuana variety for beginners or your 1st time growing marijuana outdoors. Flowering: September-October Height: 2-3 m. Yield: up to 300 gr.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights is considered to be one of three basic breeding strains that have changed global marijuana culture over the last thirty years. It has impacted the world of weed so much that no type can be compared with Northern Lights with the exception of Skunk n.1 and Haze. No matter who you are: a grower, a smoker or a breeder, with the appearance of this strain your understanding of marijuana has probably changed.It is known that every marijuana enthusiast can make his day happier with a big bud of Northern Lights or its hybrid offspring. In the eighties Northern Lights set the standard which is followed even nowadays and other Indicas are still judged by it. Northern Lights is one of the best and trusted names in modern marijuana culture. It has been the leader in different harvest festivals for years, it has won many cups and there was even a request to exclude Northern Lights from competition so that other strains could have a chance to win the title.Northern Lights grows quickly and very dense, it can produce several rich harvests per year from a seed or a clone. Its frosted buds are known to have a honey-musk aroma combined with Afghani undertone and a little scent of juniper. This aroma is really tempting while smoked or dried but it isn’t so strong while flowering. Northern Lights has become number one choice in Indica due to its problem-free cultivation and slight odour as well as abundant harvest and exclusive resin production. Experts like it for its quality and trading quantity. Flowering: 45-50 days

Marijuana Vegetative Growth Stage

After marijuana seed had spired and sprout had rooted itself, phase of vegetative growth begins. Marijuana starts growing intensively and gathering the mass (as far as conditions enable). Sexual characters usually appear on 3-6th week, and it means that the marijuana is ready to blossom. Vegetative phase may last infinitely (maternal plant for clones), blossom depends on lighting rate (except auto-blooming breed Lowryder). Standard lighting rate for vegetative growth is 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness. Any rate with more than 14 hours of light maintains vegetative phase. You should set the rate 12/12 (12 hours of dark stage and 12 hours of light stage)to make the plant blossom. 

Maple Leaf Indica

A Comparatively fresh release as a seed, this plenty, adhesive hash-makers’ marijuana has long been valued for its sparkling coating of resin glands and sugary sweet citrus bouquet. Maple Leaf Indica is bred from precious, vintage Afghani gene-stock – parent marijuana that have formed part of a few important Sensi Seeds hybrids and which present one of the extant strains behind archetype Mazar-i-Sharif hashish.The departure of perfect Afghani genotypes during that period changed the present of marijuana cultivation around the world and western growers have word for word reaped the profits ever since. Maple Leaf represents one of the best Afghanica varieties ever seen outside the region, back-crossed to express the purity of her roots. This strain very quickly and easily produces solid buds that drip with crystal and syrupy orange-grapefruit taste. While not the biggest-yielding Afghani in the Sensi Seeds collection, Maple Leaf Indica tops the list for resin production and has always been one of  favourites. Flowering: 40-55 daysHeight: 1-1.3 m.Yield: up to 110 gr.

Jack Herer

Creamy crops and possibly the most delicate marijuana you will ever see. This strain ranks as the nigh presented variety in the history of harvesting festivals. (9 awards).The perfect medley of tropical Sativa high and horrifying Indica resin production captured in Jack Herer must be seen and try to be believed. At their peak, buds are so very thickly smothered with clear trichomes which show up sugar-frosted or bright with dew-drops. This crystal-coating reaches spear-leaves, fan leaves and even to Jack’s trunks and salkst.Marijuana from seed show favourable variation, due to Jack Herer’s complex background and thin balance right at the cusp of Sativa and Indica. Increased characteristics from both sides of the family are strongly undisguised and are expressed in different combinations, allowing growers to select mother plants tailored to their surroundings and tastes.3 of Jack’s 4 main phenotypes are heavy Sativa-influenced while the 4th has a growth pattern leaning towards Indica - fast-flowering and comparatively compact with a thick, vast, rounded bud structure that’s suited to money-cropping. Jack’s Sativa phenotypes could also create a nice per-metre or per-plant yield when cultivated skillfully, though it is uncommon for these crops to be sold commercially.Most growers, who have watched their lush, super-sized calyxes swell and mature will be irresolute to sell such buds, and the best Jack Herer is often circulated a select circle of friends - an example of one of those things that money just can’t buy. The trait common to all Jack Herer phenotypes is a dazzling double-edged potency - a stratospheric cerebral high underpinned by a breathtaking body-buzz with seismic power. Smokers should be prepared to feel the earth shake beneath their feet - which can be a very pleasant feeling when your head is firmly in the clouds.Dutch pharmacies as a recognised variety of medicinal-grade marijuana.Flowering: 50-70 daysHeight: 1,5-1,8 m.Yield: up to 0.125 kg.

Guerrilla’s Gusto

This big, gorgeous breed was cultivated and tested in northern Spain for several years. Then a few marijuana seeds were transported from Spain to Holland and brought to Sensi seeds. It was a gratuity from one of our considerate customers. At the beginning, in order to get Guerrilla’s Gusto, an extraordinary combination of completely different Indian breeders from the north and south of the subcontinent were taken. Classic Indica is known to be North Indian marijuana, as for breeders from the South, they have sturdy Sativa qualities but they are not known so well.In order to give gusto’s offspring the possibility to grow in countries with colder climates, a pair has been found for gusto – some Sensi Seeds parent plants, which can bring down strength and vitality.Surely, an evident choice was Skunk, though in the final variant of the Guerrilla’s Gusto seed breed, some other unusual components can be found, they provide Guerrilla’s Gusto with more power than you may think taking into consideration its low price. Final variant of the Hindi-hybrid, designed by Sensi, appeared to be even larger and more stable than had been expected, and now is suggested for guerrilla growers.Guerrilla’s Gusto is sown in spring in a sunny place after seedlings have grown into strong and established plants. After sowing leave them alone as they need very little care or no care at all if soil is good and plants have regular access to water.Growers of Guerrilla’s Gusto should know that this big, robust type can reach a magnificent height, especially when it is grown in open places for the whole outdoor season. Flowering: mid SeptemberHeight: 2-3 m.Yield: about 250 gr

Ideal temperature and humidity for growing cannabis

The ideal temperature for the light hours is 68 to 78 degrees fahrenheit and for the dark hours there should be about a 15 degree drop in temperature. The growing room should be relatively dry if possible. What you want is a resinous coating on the leaves and to get the plant to do this, you must convince it that it needs the resinous coating on its leaves to protect itself from drying out. In an extremely humid room, the plants develop wide leaves and do not produce as much resin. You must take care not to let the temperature in a dry room become too hot, however, since the plant cannot assimilate water fast enough through its roots and its foliage will begin to brown out.

Cannabis Indica

Height: small marijuana, from 15 sm. to 1,20 m. in average.Nodes: short internodes between the branches, from 7,5 sm. and less. Foliage: rounded leaves with marmorate pattern.Origin of indicaIndica was supplied from Afghanistan in 60s. Breeders call “indica” marijuana plants which are used for making cheap hash for export. Due to growth area, marijuana fully matures in 8,5-10 weeks and has abundant dark leaves (on 5-8 feet height). Plants grown near the snow line, mowed down highly, were local wild species of sativa and were used for local consumption. It was pollinated by wind. Plant combined qualities of C and L-types of sativa, so that the plants can grow up through the snow and frost, which are usual in Pakistani Kashmir, northern India, Nepal and Bhutan. Plants are plentifully covered with short wide leaves.

Cannabis Sativa

Height: plants can be very high, in the mean from 1,20 to 4,5 m.Nodes: plants have long internodes between the branches, from 7 to 15 sm. Foliage: sharp leaves with long narrow digits without spots or patterns.Cannabis Sativa is the species of marijuana. It was first described by Pedanius Dioscorides in 60 b.c. High plant with narrow leaves, it ramifies seldom, has thick and hard central stalk with circular or tetrahedral section, fistular inside (mature plants). Inflorescences are small, mild clammy (mature plants). Cannabis Sativa is grown as technical crop.There are 3 ecological types of hemp: boreal, central Russian and austral. Practically only central Russian and austral hemp is grown. These types differs from each other by some signs. Vegetation period of central Russian marijuana is about 120 days, height of stalk is up to 2 m, leaves are medium-sized with 5-7 lacinias, and seeds are light grey; weight of 1000 seeds is up to 18 g. Austral (more valuable and long-stapled) has vegetation period up to 160 days, height of stalk is about 3 m., leaves are large with 9-13 lacinias, seeds are grey and dark grey, often with mosaic, weight of 1000 seeds is about 25g.Inflorescences and leaves of marijuana contain psychotropic cannabinoids, and quantity of cannabinoids may vary from slight to quite sizeable. Concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol in ausral hemp is much higher than in boreal one. Sowing breeds of hemp with considerable proportion of THC are raised in Central America and Caribbean Islands.Cultivation of sowing marijuana is under control in the greatest part of countries and in some countries is restricted.Sativa isn’t attractive from the commercial point of view, because it can be very high – 5’-8’ even without proper support, but it’s good for “sea of green” (SOG method, you will know about it later) and mass cultivation in general. Sativa occupies 4-8 times more space than, for example, indica in the end of blooming period. Usually sativa’s blooming lasts 10-16 weeks, and indica’s – 6-9 weeks. That’s why ounce of Golden Triangle Thai sativa or Hawaiian Sativa costs fourfold more than compact indica. It forced commercial growers to nip their sativas. We knows that nobody will pay 700$ for 1 oz (cost fourfold more than in Vancouver) or 1000$ for any sativa, irrespective of its quality, that’s why there isn’t much sativa on commercial market. If you want try qualified Thai sativa, you’ll have to grow it by yourself, because nobody sells it, unless you visit Thailand .Until 1978 hemp grown in North America was restricted under the 38th parallel, on the peak of Northern California and down to south of Mexico (though Mexicans are world biggest marijuana producers). 7 years ago indica was returned by American tourists to North America, and now it’s much more popular than sativa due to its effectiveness.