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Ruderalis Skunk

Ruderalis Skunk is the most potent descendent of cannabis Ruderalis. By adding the auto-flowering advantage to Ruderalis Skunk true strength and yield, Sensi Seeds have produced a strict, profitable outdoor hybrid for growers with shortly and unpredictable summers. Marijuana Ruderalis grows wild over north-eastern Europe and is able to survive the rugged and changed climate through adaptations such as it is auto-flowering potentiality. Wild Ruderalis plants bloom according to age rather than a declining photoperiod, which allows for it to make the best of the hottest, brightest part of their short growing period.Ruderalis Skunk adapts to a Skunk growing model, gaining slightly more height in flowering than an Indica, without the enormous possible stretch of a Sativa. Auto-flowering individuals will rarely surpass 2 meters at full size. Bloom creation is hardy and quick, with thickly tops clustering at all internodes and extending along trunk and branches. Resin yield is clearly taken from the Skunk side of the family, covering buds and the single-bladed leaflets which grow from them.Ruderalis Skunk is an perfect marijuana variety for beginners or your 1st time growing marijuana outdoors. Flowering: September-October Height: 2-3 m. Yield: up to 300 gr.