A Helpful Guide: Do It Yourself Tips for Cannabis Home Growers

      Embarking on your journey as a home cannabis grower is incredibly exciting. It presents an opportunity to learn new skills and indulge in the satisfaction of growing your own product. However, navigating through the nuances involved in successfully cultivating cannabis can at times prove overwhelming. Here are some outlines of DIY tips to ease your path as a cannabis aficionado in New Mexico, including Albuquerque, Ruidoso, Sunland Park, Santa Fe, and Las Cruces.

      Marijuana Strains and Choosing the Right One

      It’s crucial to remember that just like any other plant, different cannabis strains carry unique growing needs and preferences. Whether you’re visiting your local cannabis dispensary or pot shop to buy your seeds, you need to consider factors like how much space is at your disposal, the climate and the level of growth difficulty appropriate for your novice status.

      Ventilation, Lighting, and Temperature

      The health, overall yield and quality of your cannabis plants will largely depend on providing the right growing conditions. A well-lit, ventilated environment with comfortable temperatures will best serve your growth. Install a good quality lighting system, which you can further upgrade as your skill set advances, provide a consistent breeze, and keep temperatures between 20-30°C in the day, lowering by about 4-5 degrees at night.

      Soil and Watering

      Investing in the right growing medium is absolutely essential. Soil, and the particular type used, plays a fundamental role in your plant’s health and influence the overall yield. A nutrient-rich, slightly acidic soil (pH 6-7) will help provide your marijuana plants with most of the nutrients they need. Take care to water your plants with the right frequency – too much or too little could cause harm.

      Pruning and Training

      Pruning dead leaves and low-lying ones that receive insufficient light will ensure better growth for the rest of your plant. Training techniques such as ‘low-stress training’ (LST) and ‘high-stress training’ (HST) can also be used to increase the overall yield and ensure even light distribution to all parts of the plant.

      Harvesting and Curing

      Patiently wait until your plants are completely ready before you harvest. Charting the color changes in the resin glands will help you determine the correct time. Post-harvest, cure your buds correctly. This process, involving drying and storing your buds over a few weeks, is crucial in enhancing the overall potency and aroma of your cannabis.

      Remember, each person’s techniques and methods will vary – what works for one may not for another. You have to find what works best for you through trial and error, and this will take patience and perseverance. However, armed with these basic techniques and dedicated application, you’ll be well on your way to becoming an accomplished home-grower in no time.

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