Cannabis Sativa

Height: plants can be very high, in the mean from 1,20 to 4,5 m. Nodes: plants have long internodes between the branches, from 7 to 15 sm. Foliage: sharp leaves with long narrow digits without spots or patterns. Cannabis Sativa is the species of marijuana. It was first described by Pedanius ..

Cannabis Indica

Height: small marijuana, from 15 sm. to 1,20 m. in average. Nodes: short internodes between the branches, from 7,5 sm. and less. Foliage: rounded leaves with marmorate pattern. Origin of indica Indica was supplied from Afghanistan in 60s. Breeders call “indica” marijuana plants which are used ..

Ideal temperature and humidity for growing cannabis

The ideal temperature for the light hours is 68 to 78 degrees fahrenheit and for the dark hours there should be about a 15 degree drop in temperature. The growing room should be relatively dry if possible. What you want is a resinous coating on the leaves and to get the plant to do this, you must ..

Guerrilla’s Gusto

This big, gorgeous breed was cultivated and tested in northern Spain for several years. Then a few marijuana seeds were transported from Spain to Holland and brought to Sensi seeds. It was a gratuity from one of our considerate customers. At the beginning, in order to get Guerrilla’s Gusto, an ..

Jack Herer

Creamy crops and possibly the most delicate marijuana you will ever see. This strain ranks as the nigh presented variety in the history of harvesting festivals. (9 awards). The perfect medley of tropical Sativa high and horrifying Indica resin production captured in Jack Herer must be seen and try ..

Maple Leaf Indica

A Comparatively fresh release as a seed, this plenty, adhesive hash-makers’ marijuana has long been valued for its sparkling coating of resin glands and sugary sweet citrus bouquet. Maple Leaf Indica is bred from precious, vintage Afghani gene-stock – parent marijuana that have formed part of a ..

Marijuana Vegetative Growth Stage

After marijuana seed had spired and sprout had rooted itself, phase of vegetative growth begins. Marijuana starts growing intensively and gathering the mass (as far as conditions enable). Sexual characters usually appear on 3-6th week, and it means that the marijuana is ready to blossom. Vegetative ..


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