Finding Quality Cannabis Across Southern California with MMD Shops

      Founded in 2006, MMD Shops has been at the forefront of the medical marijuana industry, reading the impact of its dispensary locations across Southern California. With a commitment to serving the community, this company provides access to high-quality medical marijuana and recreational weed in Los Angeles and Marina Del Rey.

      Extensive Selection at Four Prime Locations

      Serving areas from Long Beach to Burbank, MMD Shops offers an extensive selection of premium medical marijuana products. Each location is designed and operated to make the purchasing process as comfortable and efficient as possible for patrons.

      For those nearer to Hollywood or Santa Monica, a convenient ‘Cannabis Dispensary Near Me’ search will guide you straight to the doors of the inviting MMD Shops’ outlets.

      A Legacy in Quality Cannabis Retail

      For over a decade, MMD Shops has been providing citizens across SoCal with access to high-quality strains of medical marijuana and recreational weeds. By focusing on customer service and product excellence, it’s clear that MMD continues to be an industry leader in the region.

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