New Standard Saugatuck: Pioneer of the Cannabis Industry on Saugatuck’s Shores.

      Pioneering new paths in Michigan’s cannabis industry, New Standard Saugatuck has etched a name as a reliable, community-oriented dispensary in Saugatuck, MI. Rising from a quaint, art-infused town, the company aims to provide safe and secure access to cannabis for medical and recreational needs. This commitment to client care has not only elevated the company’s status but also contributed a lot towards the development of a positive cannabis culture in the area.

      A Commitment to Quality

      The New Standard Saugatuck’s team believes in providing high-quality cannabis products. Their experts carefully assess all items before placement on their shelves, ensuring that they meet their stringent quality and safety standards. This commitment to superior quality, be it for medical or recreational use, has positioned them as a forerunner in the rapidly growing cannabis industry in Michigan.

      Building A Positive Cannabis Culture

      New Standard Saugatuck is more than just a dispensary. They are actively dedicated to creating a more accepting and positive cannabis culture in Michigan. Engaging in local community events, funding research, and education on cannabis use are just a few ways in which this passionate team contributes. They also pride themselves on their knowledgeable staff who provide a friendly, judicious service, bringing a new standard to Saugatuck’s cannabis industry.

      Community Involvement

      Community involvement is deeply rooted in the philosophy of the dispensary. New Standard Saugatuck believes in giving back to society – and they fulfill this belief through various initiatives supporting local artists, entertainers, and more. They are not just a business in the community but an integral part of it, serving and supporting the ever-evolving needs of the Saugatuck community.

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