The Super-Heroic Powers of Your Local Cannabis Dispensary in Santa Cruz!

      Do you know what’s growing in the gorgeous golden fields of the illustrious Santa Cruz? It’s not just strawberries! Nope. It is a plant with a far more interesting personality – cannabis!

      When life gives you lemons, make lemonade – but when Santa Cruz nurtures cannabis, we build the superhero of all dispensaries, The Farm Dispensary!

      Here, in the heart of California, we are the guardians of marijuana — preserving strains, protecting potency and definitely ensuring the most indulgent puff (or nibble, if you fancy edibles). Behold! A wide cryo-chamber (cool, right?) of choices that flash more green than the Hulk’s pants, ready to make you feel anything but low. We have eccentric edibles that would kick Willy Wonka to the curb, ointments smoother than Dwayne Johnson’s head and of course, stash as diverse as a rainbow.

      And guess what? Our superpowers aren’t restricted to just Santa Cruz. Allow us to share the joy through our convenient delivery services, straight to your door.

      For all those looking for their Mary Jane (or Bill, or Tom, or Sally), at ‘The Farm Dispensary,’ we’ve got you covered!

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