A West Coast Adventure: From Palm Trees to Cannabis Leaves

      Ever feel like embarking on a treasure hunt in the West Coast? Instead of a treasure chest at the end, you kind find a Cannabis Club! Think of West Coast Cannabis Club as your oasis of relaxation. Happily nestled among the swaying palms of Palm Desert, CA, we’re a little different from your average neighborhood markets.

      The Cannabis Cornucopia of the Coachella Valley

      “Cannabis Dispensary Cathedral City, CA” and “Weed Dispensary Coachella, CA” may not be the usual travel brochure highlights, but who wants usual? We offer you the chance to discover the great green vastness of our recreational marijuana stores.

      Our marijuana dispensary in Rancho Mirage, CA doesn’t just ignite curiosity. We indeed stand as the lighthouse for all things ‘green’ ranging from Indio, CA to the bustling center of La Quinta, CA.

      Not All Who Wander Are Lost

      So why not try something different for your next trip? Swap road maps with a bud map to follow a trail of ‘cannabis near me.’ And remember – in this West Coast adventure, it’s all about the journey, not the, err… ‘destination’. You’d be surprised what a trip to West Coast Cannabis Club can do for a weary, desert wanderer. Enjoy the adventure, friend!

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