Debunking Myths About Cannabis: An Insightful Exploration by Valley Wellness

      With the gradual legalization across the country, the world of cannabis is slowly being de-stigmatized. With New Jersey as one of the latest states to legalize marijuana for recreational use, this is the ideal time to debunk some myths and assumptions about cannabis. Valley Wellness, located in Raritan, NJ, Basking Ridge, NJ, Somerville, NJ, Readington, NJ and Bridgewater, NJ, aims to be your guide throughout your journey with medical and recreational cannabis.

      Myth 1: All Cannabis Gets You High

      The most prevalent myth about cannabis is that all of it gets you high. At a recreational cannabis shop, you can find a myriad of strains with differences in not only flavor profiles, but also the ratio of THC to CBD. These two are the primary cannabinoids in cannabis products, but while THC is psychoactive, CBD is not. Hence, products with no or very low levels of THC will not elicit a euphoric high.

      Myth 2: You Can Become Physically Addicted to Cannabis

      Cannabis is touted as a ‘gateway drug,’ leading to addiction. However, the potential for developing a physical dependency on marijuana is extremely low. Implementing it into your daily routine, like any other medication, would not make you addicted to it.

      Myth 3: Medicinal and Recreational Cannabis are Different

      This myth stems from the distinction in legality between the two forms over the years. In reality, medicinal and recreational cannabis are the same plant. The major difference lies in the intended use. Medical cannabis is often used to alleviate symptoms of serious conditions, from epilepsy to cancer.

      Myth 4: Curbside Pickup Compromises Safety and Quality

      With the advent of curbside pickup services for cannabis, some people might assume it’s an insecure and lower-quality option. However, dispensaries maintain stringent quality checks and secure payment methods no matter the mode of purchase. At Valley Wellness, our cannabis curbside pickup is designed to be as secure and convenient as possible, without compromising quality.

      As a medical marijuana shop and a recreational cannabis store, Valley Wellness is dedicated to dispelling these misconceptions and guiding you to safe and effective cannabis use. Our experienced team is always ready to assist you in Raritan, NJ, Basking Ridge, NJ, Somerville, NJ, Readington, NJ, and Bridgewater, NJ, to tailor a cannabis solution that’s right for your needs. Cannabis isn’t just an experience, it’s a journey. Your journey starts here.

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